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Below you will find links to all the articles that are primarily exercises in writing (as opposed to photography and music)- opinion, sports, etc. from the blog.

What Is Ontario Proud? Who Is Ontario Proud? (and why are they lying to your Mom?)


8 Reasons to Love Baseball in 2019: Part Three, The AL and NL Eastal

8 Reasons to Love Baseball in 2019, Part 2: The Jays and the Padres- Six-Degrees of Freddy Galvis (and Gwyneth Paltrow)jays

8 Reasons to Love Baseball in 2019, Part 1: The Best of Divisions, the Worst of DivisionsBaseball

The Little Things: Clandestine Kijiji Transactions, Vintage Postcards and the Musical ZeitgeistThe Little Things

“Why Am I Pursuing Unhappiness?”: …changing my Instagram feedUntitled 2

William Nylander and the NHL’s Convenient Embrace of SocialismWilly

Carbon Tax and the Memes that Lied: Playing Chicken with CrazyCarbon Tax

Road Trip Pics, Road Trip Thoughts: The Drive to Nova ScotiaReal Fruit

How to Lose at Fantasy Baseball Presents: We Won!FB

Top 15 Christmas Albums of All-Timetop 15

The Place, the People, the Buses: Nicaragua 2011 (Pics and Pickup Trucks)Nicaragua

Buffalo Bisons Game 141: Nothing Doesn’t Matter Better Than Baseballsept60

The Trouble With Tracing: Pitching Changes and Cautionary Talestrouble-with-tracing1

The Run Don’t Lie: Tales from 53rd Place in the 5KRun Don't Lie

The Triple Steal Sign: Featuring Baseball, Thorold and Fatetriple steal sign

Postcard From Paris 1981: Second Hand Store Findsbfew2

Ready?: Tomomi Kudo Shares Her First Live Blue Jays Experiencetomimi7

The End of My Camera: Fruit, Snack, Umbrella, ATM Insidezzz292

Reframe: It’s Harder to Get Away From Donald Trump Than I Thoughtlr7

Enjoy Your Mileage: The Ultimate 80s Playlist, Part 3 (Lots of Words)86a

Jackie Bradley Jr. Wins One for the BosoxJBJ Aprio

Review: Can-View Drive-In, Summer’s Sweet Spotcan view 4

The Killer Salmon Story 1989killer-salmon

The NHL: Actions Without Consequencesnhl

Despite Us, The Leafs Winleafs

Jays Opening Day Reviewtrumbo.jpg

A Prayer for Joe Torre- Get out of the dugout and Get into the Game