Left Field Lark Radio: Summer Cassette One, When the Joy Comes Easy

Music. Summer. Patio. Beer.

In no particular order.

Go ahead and dive in to the music. Much like the cassettes and CD’s I’ve been handing out since I was old enough to press down on a “record,” button this mix is designed to be nourishment for the soul. In this case, something easy on words and generous with feel. No heavy lifting required. I’d even suggest not to read anything further before you listen to the mix in full. Just follow the mix. It’ll take care of you.

There’s a nice collection of talented folks on this playlist: Some old school soul with  Rotary Connection, Eddie Gale, Just Brothers, Fred Wesley and the JB’s (“Fred! Fred! Take it to the bridge!”), King Curtis, and the beautiful Marlena Shaw. There’s also joyous Latin jazz from Ray Barretto, straight up jazz from The Heath Brothers, some fun, organic, folk, from Jack Johnson, and some melts in your chest not in your head acoustic rendering from A.A. Bondy.

And it wouldn’t be a mix I made without some wonderfully loose whimsy accompanied by bending guitar, in this case from the likes of Parquet Courts, Woods, Yo le Tengo, as well as New Zealand’s The Clean and Australia’s Courtney Barnett (I looked for something from Tasmania but couldn’t find anything, but I promise next cassette will represent other members of the remote Pacific Ocean, perhaps, Tasmania and Antartica… Antartica has to have some electronica going on- “Antartica Electronica,” has an aura of destiny to it).

Speaking of countries, I can’t forget my own. Thus two Canadian gems in, “Canada’s Songbird,” (and a former crush of mine) Anne Murray and everybody’s favourite Cheerio eating son-of-a-gun, Del Stephen, with truly the finest song to end any mix with, “Applause (Outro).” Del Stephen is always a great reminder to me to not forget that sometimes stunningly beautiful things can and are created by people I actually know.

A cool breeze. Good friends. Weightless and warm sunlight. Cold Beer in a frosty mug.

No particular order required.

(I’ve decided that I will dedicate every cassette to someone I know who loves music. Kind of like giving a cassette to someone back in the day. Cassette one goes out to an outstanding East Coast girl, a superlative soul and great lover of music, Lacey Warford)