Summer Cassette Three, The Delicate Art of Filling Shopping Carts with Sunlight (Part 1)

cassette 3 ok

This is the kind of thing I think about: What would be the perfect music mix for grocery shopping? Because there’s few times in life where music sounds more delicious in your headphones than when you’re wandering around the grocery store. Particularly if the grocery store is pretty much empty. If you can find a grocery store that’s open at 3 AM even better. Music pairs so well with the sweet melancholy of an almost completely empty supermarket.

Trying to think of a few of my favourite places/times to listen to music:

  • While grocery shopping, the emptier the grocery store the better
  • In the car driving around the Niagara Region looking for things to take pictures of
  • Window down, driving home to Ontario from Nova Scotia via back roads
  • Playing pool… and it’s kind of got to be loose and funky music for shooting pool… and by the way in case you don’t know: Thoughts on Pool at the bar– if you have your own pool cue and/or if you take more than 5 seconds to consider your shot you are a bit of a wanker… unless of course it’s like a ridiculous combo shot, like a 4 ball or greater combo that you have almost zero chance of making: A Chicken Combo as I like to call it… We all have a duty to try the ridiculous if it may end in something beautiful.
  • Sitting beneath the back patio roof writing as the rain splashes down on the drive way and the whole world smells of fresh grass, cedar (from the mulch) and the steam coming off the warm tar.
  • Going to sleep. And the music has to be real specific, i.e. Boards of Canada, Sigur Ros, Do Make Say Think, Tim Hecker. Just get stoned on music and fade into the melted toffee warmth of sleep, and then sleep deep.

This particular mix has a whack of new to me stuff, and some real fantastic new stuff. It’s a groovy kind of chill. I hope it someday accompanies you down the aisles of your local supermarket.

This week’s playlist goes out to all my friends named Steve but in particular Del Stephen who I had in mind when coming up with a playlist for late night grocery shopping. Steve never ceases to inspire with his music, with his art, with his passion for bringing new things to life in the world as well as hims earnest appreciation, his genuine enthusiasm, for all the magical accomplishments of others.

I’m thankful for that.

(And Steve introduced me to Do Make Say Think. Something I am eternally grateful for)