Summer Cassette Four: The Delicate Art of Filling Shopping Carts with Sunlight (Part 2, Not the Same Steve)

July 7, 2017, by Darren Clarke

This week’s Summer Cassette starts with Neat Beats, exits with the brilliant Gillian Welch, and trips the light fantastic at all points in between.

delicate art

This particular Friday we get back to the, “Delicate Art of Filling Shopping Carts with Sunlight.”

Here is a recommended list of activities to accompany the second part of the, “Delicate Art…” playlist-

  • Casually eating ju-jubes
  • Sitting on the patio casually eating ju-jubes
  • Grocery Shopping in the most meandering of fashions… explore your supermarket and the wide variety of stuff contained within. Try to buy the least expensive, craziest ass stuff you’ve never heard of, next time your out.
  • Doing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen
  • Cooking supper, like a pasta dish of some kind, lots of veg, garlic, some wine in there… something you can’t resist taste testing a zillion times as you cook it
  • Reading the great book, “Travels in Siberia,” by Ian Frazier
  • When you stay up all night and walk around on a weeknight at 4 AM. Just you, the empty bones of the city, and the music
  • Riding the last Secord Woods bus of the night. More a tour than a ride. The music, the fishbowl blue cologne that is the bus lights, and just you and the bus driver chucking along through Merritton until you get to your final stop in the barren center of the mall parking lot.
  • Filling shopping carts with sunlight

This week’s mix goes out to Melody Culp who I first met at a back yard family bar-b-que a long time ago. I believe our first conversation was about all things music- raves, the Grateful Dead, outdoor concerts in the summer, etc. The good stuff. And here we are, years later, still talking the good stuff.

Thank you for listening.

(Artwork from pictures I took in Nova Scotia)