Pumpkin at the Beach: Pictures of Port Dalhousie in December

December 23, 2017

Lakeside Park, pumpkins at the beach, Lakeside Park, so many memories.

Alternate lyrics for Rush’s, “Lakeside Park.”

The last photo blog for the year is two sets of pictures taken in Port Dalhousie this December. This is mostly a portrait in winter grey with the exceptions of some sunny pics taken with my iPhone (photography lesson #1- If you leave your Nikon at home you will immediately find yourself surrounded by great beauty).

Aside from the pumpkin at the beach I was particularly happy to stumble upon, “The Original,” Weekend at Bernies boat. I had to go through a lot of fake Weekend Bernie’s boats before I got to this but it was worth it (sample dialogue, Me- “Excuse me, is this the original weekend at Bernie’s Boat?” Boat Owner, “No, it’s a fake, look it says it right there.” Me- “Well that’s disappointing,” Boat Owner, “Imagine how I feel.”).