Portraits in Grey: Burgoyne Bridge in February

February 18, 2018 by Darren Clarke

The Burgoyne Bridge is situated high above Twelve Mile Creek and Highway 406 in St. Catharines, Ontario, connecting West St. Catharines to its’ somewhat revitalized Downtown core. The bridge is named after the Burgoyne family which had been deeply involved in the community newspaper for some time as well as the rowing scene and various charitable endeavors. The Burgoyne’s seem to lead the city in terms of having things named after them- Bill Burgoyne Arena, Burgoyne Woods and of course the bridge. And good for them.

The latest installment of Burgoyne Bridge was completed in 2016 and is object of some controversy in lieu of it’s cost which Niagara This Week advises was initially set at 54-million but ballooned to 91-million by its’ completion.

But I’m just here for the pics not the politics.


Having taken a ton of pictures of Burgoyne Bridge I had intended to do a single blog post featuring the full range of photos I’d taken featuring the bridge at different times of the day and season immersed in a variety of weather. But this particular day made me re-think that and instead give each moment its’ own space.

Perhaps my favourite part of photography is how attuned I get to the nuances of the world around me, particularly the unique light of each day. Each day light is affected by some magical (be grateful my ignorance of the precise science attached spares you a more involved technical breakdown), uninhibited, embrace of competing and complimentary physical elements that distills itself into an ever changing kaleidoscope of nuances effortlessly dismantling notions of sameness.

It is not just that every day is brand spanking new, it’s every moment as well.


This particular day fell amidst an ongoing snowstorm that unfolded within dimly lit granite skies. I parked by the train station in Western Hill and clomped through the snow laden world in my big old, warm, boots taking pictures, pausing only briefly to grab a Coconut Creme dream of a doughnut at the world’s most sublime creator of such gorgeously decadent, somehow Vegan, creations, Beechwood Donuts (if you’ve never had a Beechwood Donut I don’t care where you are in the world you need to as immediately as possible).


I didn’t think that much of the day until looking through the photos it struck me how minimalist the grey gloss made everything. How simple. Black and white landscapes being provided naturally.

The next installment of Burgoyne Bridge pics will likely be more blue skies and buoyantly primary coloured visages. But who knows what tomorrow will bring.