Summer Cassette Series 2018, Cassette Eight: The Letter S (As in Soul)

June 24, 2018 by Darren Clarke

The Letter S as in Substance, as in Sweet, as in Savour, as in Sublime, as in Sexy, as in Spacious, as in Spanking, as in Soup, Sweet Potato, Strawberries, Sage, as in Salvation, as in Soul. Capital S, Soul.

Growing up in the seventies in Thorold, Ontario, my introduction to soul music came via another thing that started with the Letter S- Sesame Street.

Sesame Street Soul.soul1soul2.jpg

This mix was finished one rainy morning while I sat beneath my patio roof being shined up by a cool summer breeze that carried the aromas of wet earth, wet trees, wet grass. The mix was finished with my foot tapping, my head bobbing, along with the sweet sounds of the truth (and maybe some charismatic lies) manifested in full, ripe, bass lines, swirling tambura, delicate xylophone, sublime flute, sun rippled guitar and the voices of beautiful, beautiful, people like Sesame Street’s Loretta Long.

This mix starts with ABC and pretty much ends with  1-2-3. This mix is the simple delivery of the profound.

The letter S as in Smile, as in Soothing, as in Splendid, as is Silk, Silver, Sapphire, the letter S as in Sensual, as in Salvation, as in Soul. Capital S Soul.

Sesame Street Soul.