Fall Snapshots: Part 2, Where the Day Took Me- Balls Falls

October 21, 2018 by Darren Clarke

The very best part of photography for me is not having to get into the details of why? I grab my keys, my camera, my iPod, jump into my car and drive.

The only reason being- Because the world is too beautiful not to.

Lots of dog stuff happening on this particular trip. Dogs without leashes, every photographers favourite. I got chased back into my car on some lost road in Pelham earlier in the day and at Balls Falls I had “Rosie,” the poodle (seen in one of the above pictures) and a German Shephard to contend with at Balls Falls. Rosie was good enough to pose though. Credit for that.

The pictures of the wind turbines I have no idea where I was.

Next instalment, keeping in the- water going over rocks theme, will be Niagara Falls.