Podcast: “Which Brings Us To…” 1980 Part I

July 18, 2019 by Darren Clarke

The premise for this podcast is simple. I dig into the music from an individual year, make two 90-minutes-ish mixes from from my favourite tracks and weave some big and small events from the year around that to fashion a hopefully boisterous, likely lopsided, view of the planet, my country, myself, the music, of that time.

This podcast includes music from the likes of Rick James, Black Slate, The Clash, The Wipers, Sugar Hill Gang, The Fall and Van Halen. Along with the music I share with you stories and characters from the time including- The Village People singing Auld Lang Syne, the end of the road for Muhammad Ali, the unofficial national anthem of Quebec, Who Shot JR?, The Miracle on Ice, and how Jacques Cousteau continues to be an influence in my life.

All this and as the hucksters like to say, much, much, more.

If you’re curious as to my qualifications to host a show let me say that they are very similar my qualifications (referenced in this podcast) to be an Alaskan Fisherman. I should mention however that I did attend Mohawk college in the late eighties for one semester of a Radio Broadcasting course. Albeit, one very humbling semester. Probably the toughest moment in that time was when an instructor, whose claim to fame was being the voice for a couple of the puppets on the Uncle Bobby Show (for the uninitiated, the Uncle Bobby Show was an Ontario based children’s variety show that ran 1964-79), informed me that I simply didn’t have the voice for Radio.

Traumatized, it took me thirty-plus-years to muster the courage to follow my dream. All I needed was three decades plus of time for technology to evolve to a point it would allow me the freedom to make a podcast on my own without needing to gain puppeteer approval to share it with the world.

I learned a lot doing this podcast. Mainly I learned that once I use a word or phrase it suddenly has a gravitational pull that tempts me to use it again almost immediately. The title of the podcast, “Which brings us to…” was my way of working around the zillion times I used it, as in, “If it’s the title of the podcast maybe people will believe it’s intentional.”

Problem is you can only use that trick once. For the repeated use of words like, “actually,” “fantastic,” and, “genius,” I can only offer you the suggestion that you can parlay it into a really intense drinking game some night.

I’ve also included a mix which is just the straight music mix in case you think my College Instructor had a point.

Enjoy. I hope you find it actually fantastic genius.