Podcast: “Which Brings Us To…” The 70s, Part II

by Darren Clarke, October 3, 2020

Welcome to Part II of the, “Which Brings Us To…” podcast.

In the first instalment of the series we focused on the challenge of breaking out of your own particular algorithm. This episode we mainly look to reevaluate what was within the algorithm to begin with.

Did Disco, “suck“? What was Disco? What and who defines what you believe?

Of course, I talk about a lot of other stuff- Mickey Dolenz’s career choices, places a young man can lose his confidence, Aurelio Rodriguez’s screwball, what 70s brown paper bags and modern internet bandwith have in common, the art of giving speeches in Grade Six, people that do and don’t look like Kris Kristoffersson, Scooby Doo philosophy, the lost art of, “calling on,” friends, we read a letter from a listener and of course, much, much, more.

So dig in.