The Nowhere Bus Podcast: Episode 1, Coach Christie

by Darren Clarke, December 14, 2020

My friend Mal Romanin and I considered doing a podcast for some time. Problem was we didn’t want to/were incapable of being limited to a single direction. Driving along Thorold Stone Road a few weeks ago while thinking about the podcast idea I passed a blue school bus with one word written at its’ front peak- NOWHERE.

And there it was. The name, the soul, for our podcast. The Nowhere Bus.

For our first guest we reached out to our friend and frequent companion for taking in Buffalo Bisons games or simply having a few pints at local bars- Stu “Coach” Christie. Stu’s specialties in life include having an outstanding ‘stache, being an expert in late night Kijiji swaps in abandoned mall parking lots, missing the net on crucial shootout opportunities in men’s league hockey and generally being an all-around great dude.

The first episode includes conversations on the virtues of eating peanuts while on an audio recording, Jessica Alba’s Christmas movie catalogue, Kyle Dubas’s tendency towards being passive aggressive, Stu being, “between vehicles,” the merits of the Toronto Blue Jays trading for Fransisco Lindor, the proposed all-Canadian division in the NHL and much more.

So have a listen.