The Nowhere Bus Podcast: “Am I Doing This Right?” with Jeremy Curry

Darren Clarke, June 20, 2021

Season Two of The Nowhere Bus Podcast finds its’ first guest in one Jeremy Curry. Jeremy joins the show to talk memories of creatively slacking at a Bingo Factory, the allure to camping/“Bushcraft,” canoes and motorcycles. We also talk the pointlessness of leaf blowers, the perils of being a wedding DJ (including- songs he never, ever, wants to hear again), the brilliance of 90s hip-hop, what to do when someone steals your shirt and wears it every day in front of you and we also get a full rundown on the story that inspired his Youtube video, “How I broke my dick!”

So grab a coffee, get on the bus and enjoy another irreverent, destination-less, drive with us.