Podcast: Which Brings Us To… 1989, Part II

by Darren Clarke, August 12, 2022

I waited to tell you about this- I once danced with Winona Ryder.

It’s true.

1993, Lee’s Palace, Toronto. In the mosh pit at a Paul Westerberg show. The people I was with may of course deny this but seriously, it’s true.

Here in the final installment of the final year of the 80s we talk Waiting for Godot and waiting for Shoeless Joe, we talk the virtues of saying YES verus saying NO, of the importance of both exploration and defiance, of knowing when you are in the home of muses versus when you are at a Burger King drive thru.

Along with the philosophy, the confession, the Winona Ryder stories, we spin great music from the likes of Nine Inch Nails, The Jungle Brothers, Tuff Crew, Daniel Lanois, Fugazi, The Tragically Hip, Stone Roses, The Cannanes, Chris Isaak and much more.

As Christian Slater’s character in the movie Heathers proclaimed,“Our love is God!… let’s get a slurpee.”

Just press play.