“And Airbud Got Honourable Mention”: Justin Drummond’s Top 10 Movie Athletes of All-Time

On March 25, 2017, Justin Drummond let the world know that over the course of the next ten days he would be providing a certified Top 10 List ranking the Top 10 Movie Athletes of All-Time. This would end up being not just any list, rather it would be one of the most suspect lists of Top Movie Athletes ever released. To ensure Justin’s choices are preserved for future generations The Left Field Lark provides you with the full list and the chat around it from the Left Field Lark Facebook page

Justin Drummond- Tomorrow I will reveal number 10!

Kyle W. Simmons- Shane Falco better make this list.

Darren Clarke- I don’t know if we can get Falco, if not maybe QB Kyle W. Simmons can be his Replacement… but that might be the Top Ten Movie Athletes from Saskatchewan list.. a different list entirely I guess…

Jesse SeguinFootsteps Falco??? Losing the Sugar Bowl by 45 points doesn’t put him on many top ten lists.

Number 10 on Justin Drummond’s Top Ten Movie Athletes of All-Time

jd6Currently the newest cross sports sensation is Tim Tebow. A man who failed miserably at one sport so has decided to cross over to another in hopes of becoming a huge star. In 1996, a man had a similar dream and he succeeded. That man’s name? Happy Gilmore. Failed hockey player, mainly due to taking his skate off trying to stab someone with it. But his true talent was not far behind. With a drive that went an impressive 400 yards, this man went on to become a PGA legend. Gilmore brought some excitement and character to the sport of golf. With his beer drinking fans and foul language, ratings rose during his prime. Some of his career highlights is scoring a hole in one, getting in a much publicized fight with price is right host Bob barker and having an epic four stroke comeback in the PGA championship game. 

Horrible hockey player, good golfer but even greater grandson. And that’s why Happy Gilmore begins our list!

Darren Clarke– Justin Drummond, up before 8 AM Sunday to make this post. He couldn’t wait to tell us, he couldn’t sleep

Tim McIntee– I am a fan of the number 10 pick, it’s strong start to the list and well thought out. I like the cross of being a failed hockey player turned amateur golfer. Good choice. I’m not a huge comedy movie fan but this was one I enjoyed.

Darren Clarke- Not a huge fan of comedy movies Tim? ”Look at these guys trying to make me laugh! Who do they think they are?”

Tim McIntee– I enjoy being scared so I tend to watch horror movies. I have a soft spot for cheesy slasher films.

Darren Clarke- Wow… I guess we’ll see if Justin Drummond has any slasher movie athletes in the remaining nine choices… I would suggest one but I can’t watch scary movies due to them being, well, scary.

Number 9 on Justin Drummond’s Top Ten Movie Athletes of All-Time

jd8.jpgAll this kid wanted to do was play with his friends and be a Hawk. But a suspended lawyer on a suspended license doing community service had other ideas. When Gordon Bombay realized the Pee Wee Hockey Association of Minnesota had redrawn the lines, he had stumbled upon a gold mine and went on to acquire my next pick. Adam Banks. Banks helped lead the District 5 Mighty Ducks to a Pee Wee Championship. Banks also helped team USA beat Iceland at the Junior Goodwill Games(how bad was the Canadian team in that tournament losing to Jamaica?) and helped the junior team beat the varsity team. I always wonder what happened to Adam Banks but like the other number 99 in the hockey world I imagine he went on to great things.

Jesse Seguin– The cake eater himself, Adam Banks. A shout out to Hans, the true mastermind of the infamous 1,2,3 triple deke.

Justin Drummond– Spoiler alert. This isn’t only Mighty Ducks cast member that’ll be on my list.

Tim McIntee– Todays pick was a classic to me. I can remember whenever the Mighty Ducks movie was on I would stop what I was doing and sit and watch. I looked up to Charlie for not cheating when Bombay told him to.

Bobby “Old School” Cross– I’m waiting to see if any classics find their way into the list… like the Hanson brothers or Ty Webb from Caddyshack…

Number 8 on Justin Drummond’s Top Ten Movie Athletes of All-Time

jd10Have you ever wondered what it would take to bring the greatest basketball player of all times out of retirement and give up on his failed baseball career? To help save the Loony Tunes of course. Today’s pick is Micheal Jordan. The star of a team consisting of Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. This man saved the Loony Tunes from being sent away to Moron Mountain to a lifetime of slavery and reignited his love for the sport of basketball. He saved his NBA friends who had their powers stolen by the monsters. Micheal Jordan. Good basketball player. Bad baseball player. Great saver of the universe.

Darren Clarke– In a kind of Six-Degrees of Bill Murray way he was close to Ty Webb there Bobby Cross. “Remember Danny, two wrongs don’t make a right but three rights make a left.” Ty Webb was great, “Don’t be obsessed with your desires Danny. The Zen philosopher, Basho, once wrote, ‘A flute with no holes, is not a flute. A donut with no hole, is a Danish.’ He was a funny guy.” How about Roy Hobbs from The Natural? I mean many have hit home runs, few have created their own fireworks in the process. Really old school would be Paul Crewe…

Jesse Seguin– Well they did remake The Longest Yard, so Paul Crewe isn’t beyond the realm of possibility

Darren Clarke– Adam Sandler is definitely in JD’s Walt Disney Wheelhouse. It would be tragic though to see him select Sandler’s Paul Crewe over the original rendition by the Man, Burt Reynolds.

Number 7 on Justin Drummond’s Top Ten Movie Athletes of All-Time


“If you’re not first your last”.

Next on our list is a man with two first names. Arguably the greatest NASCAR driver of all times. Next on our list is Ricky Bobby. A man who was so good he once won while driving backwards, so good he won with a giant Fig Newtons sticker on his windshield so good he came back from a very fatal crash that for a brief time put him in a mental hospital and forced his wife to leave him. A story about excellence, depression and epic returns. Ricky Bobby just pisses excellence. Thank you baby Jesus.

Jesse– “I like to picture Jesus in a tuxedo T-shirt because it says I want to be formal, but I’m here to party.”

Darren Clarke– “Came back from a very fatal crash.” Is that possible? “How was your crash Dave?” “Well Pete, it was very fatal…” “Ouch, that had to hurt…” “For sure, we almost ran out of band aids…”

Number 6 on Justin Drummond’s Top Ten Movie Athletes of All-Time

jd15Today’s pick is the only man who can make a set of stairs iconic and a tourist attraction. This man has had epic battles with Apollo Creed, a Russian robot and a man named Thunder Lips. Rocky Balboa is the only man who can make Ali shake in his gloves. A man who would shut up Mayweather. Also the only man on our list with his own statue. One word describes Rocky.

“Legen, wait for it… dary!”

Darren Clarke– We may have to have an intervention for Justin Drummond to try to get him to stop watching “How I Met your Mother,” before we let him make any more posts. Rocky is good but “How I Met Your Mother,” quotes are, wait for it… lame, really lame.

Number 5 on Justin Drummond’s Top Ten Movie Athletes of All-Time

jd17The heart of the Cleveland Indians. A man that had a 100 mile fastball but could not locate it worth a damn and for a very valid reason, one I can forever relate to, he had bad eyesight. A man with a foul mouth, amazing hairstyle and just overall charisma. When you heard that song play over the speakers you knew your heart was about to bring- Up next on our list is “the Wild Thing” Ricky Vaughn. The greatest closer in history of the Indians. Now that’s a Major League pick!

Darren Clarke– I learned a lot from Ricky Vaughn, in particular he taught me that to achieve greatness one must overcome self doubt and sexy pretentious chicks, that clothes do actually make the man so make those clothes more biker than businessman, and that if you can’t see all that well glasses are good.

Jesse Seguin– Also, sleeping with a teammates wife can be forgotten, as long as you win the pennant.

Number 4 on Justin Drummond’s Top Ten Movie Athletes of All-Time

jd19.jpgNumber Four on our list is the only one based on a true story. What do you get when a failed sprinter cannot get into the Olympics? Well he joins another sport and makes history. I present you the true underdogs of the history of the Winter Olympics. The Jamaican bobsled team. A group of guys who liked to have fun and sing but strived to put a little Island on the map. They may not have had the best of the best as far of equipment goes. They may not have won. But in the end they captured the heart of Calgary in 1989. Oh Jamaica I CAN believe, because Jamaica DID have a bobsled team.

Bonus list. My top 4 Animal Athletes! (I couldn’t come up with 5 off top of my head)-

4- Ed, 3- Bugs Bunny, 2- Air Bud, 1- MVP


Number 3 on Justin Drummond’s Top Ten Movie Athletes of All-Time

jd24Number three is going to not one person but another actual team. Once upon a time the greatest sporting event took place on ESPN8 and that was the Dodgeball Championships. And a true underdog story took place. A story of a group of friends who just wanted to save their gym. The Average Joe Dodgeball Team went from nobodies to national heroes and they had a freaking pirate on their team! Also, kudos to the assist from Chuck Norris. Remember folks, if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball!

Jesse Seguin– “F’in A Cotton, F’in A.”

Number 2 on Justin Drummond’s Top Ten Movie Athletes of All-Time

jd26This wouldn’t be a best of list if it didn’t include my favourite “sport,” and that would be Pro Wrestling. Randy “The Ram,” Robinson is a story of a big star wrestler in his prime who has fallen on his luck and keeps doing the one thing he knows how to do, wrestle, in front of the fans who worship him. Robinson was living in a trailer park and working in a deli after a heart attack that derailed his career until Ram Jam decided to pursue one match with his biggest rival. Randy Robinson shows you what it’s like to be The Wrestler. Also, his theme song is Guns ‘n Roses, Sweet Child of Mine, that’s pretty cool too.

Bobby Cross- Sooooo, what movie is this??

Justin Drummond- The wrestler

Jesse Seguin I would have went with Jimmy the King

Justin Drummond- Quality reference. I did consider it.

And Number One. On Justin Drummond’s Top Ten Movie Athletes of All-Time.

jd30A story of a crooked lawyer turned convict subjected to community service who manages to become the greatest failed pro hockey player to ever coach a Peewee Championship team. Gordan Bombay led a team of misfits onto a peewee title, as well as coaching Team USA. With help from his mentor Hans Bombay rediscovered the true love of the game despite his failure in sport he loved. Just remember, “Ducks always fly together.”

Darren Clarke- Your demographics are showing. Gordan Bombay, THE #1 movie athlete of all time? Robert Redford (The Natural), Robert Deniro (Bang the Drum Slowly), Paul Newman (Slapshot), Burt Reynolds (The Longest Yard), all lose out Emilio Estevez and Walt Disney. Rodney Dangerfield and Chevy Chase (Caddyshack), Keenu Reeves (The Replacements), Woody Harrelson (White Men Can’t Jump), Will Ferrell (Semi-Pro), Julius Erving (Dr. J as Moses Guthrie in, “The Fish that Saved Pittsburgh),”- All behind Emilio Estevez ? I don’t know what to think.

Jesse Seguin Even Airbud got an honourable mention.