Summer Cassettes 9 & 10: Piedi Nudi, Rugiada Mattutina, Somewhere Else (Caroline’s Fav)

August 4, 2017, by Darren Clarke

Summer Cassette 9 starts with Buffy St. Marie passionately channeling Leonard Cohen’s, “Magic is Afoot, God Is Alive,” and travels the globe for great music with that in mind.

summer cas 9

sum cas 10

Summer Cassettes 9 is dedicated to, “The Man,” Jimmy Rivera who was curious about the purported similarities between Mariachi music and Russian Space Disco, Cassette 10 I send out to the rest of the Friday morning crew- Bobby Cross and Jason Newton. Good friends, bad jokes, and the sirens call of Maria T’s voice lamenting a world that never fails to disappoint her.