Black and White: Lost and Found Photos

December 15, 2017, by Darren Clarke

Nothing like stumbling upon some great pictures from the past. These are all scans of photos some of which date as far back as twenty to thirty years ago (that’s exactly how precise my memory can be- “Give or take ten years.”).

The first photo is a mural that had a tragically short life span on the side of a building on the corner of Clark and Welland in St. Catharines before some horrible human being painted over it (in beige no less), the second is the lovely Caroline McCombe, the third, two of my favourite people ever in Asia Si and Lukasz Secinski, the last pic is the loneliest left over carton of Egg Nog ever lying on Welland Avenue near the legendary bar Sharky’s.

darrenIMG_0005CDarren 002