Toronto in a Day: GO Trains, Aquariums and Really Big Buildings

January 22, 2018 by Darren Clarke

Just in case the world ever gets short on pictures of the burgeoning city of Toronto here’s my contribution to preserving a small slice of the sprawling assemblage of giganticness that is Toronto.


Ripley’s Aquarium was actually pretty cool despite the alarming cost of tickets to get in (Left Field Lark Tip of the Day– If you have a large family make sure to ground a few of the kids before the trip. I mean, they probably did something wrong anyways thus giving you an opportunity to provide them with a good life lesson while saving you money at the same time).

One of my favourite pics below is the shot on the GO Train with the lady a few rows up reflected in the window. The reflection of the lights on the glass and the in between nature of the light outside give it the look of a 70s-type filter but it’s a pretty much unmanipulated pic.

I wanted to take more people on the street pics but I find that people on the street can be pretty damned touchy about having their photo taken. We really haven’t evolved much from the, “Are you trying to steal my soul with that camera?” days.


As always, thank you to my wife for allowing great swaths of our time to be filled up with me taking pictures.