Summer Cassette Series 2018, Cassette Five: Nadia Comaneci 1976

May 26, 2018 by Darren Clarke

The summer cassette series continues with a cassette ode to the 1976 Olympics in Montreal. An Olympics that we Canadians could view as one where we never won a gold medal and incurred tons of debt but I would suggest is better thought of as one where Nadia Comaneci charmed, Sugar Ray Leonard dazzled and Greg Joy gave us a silver medal high jump moment that was the climatic moment on the end of day national anthem played on the CBC for decades.  Nadia1Nadia3This week’s Summer Cassette is bookended by the brilliant Gillian Welch who shines up the average, every day, moments better than anybody and has at its’ heart Del Stephen’s vivid new offering Mirror and Egg.