World on Ice: Birds Nests, Christmas Ornaments and Stray Shopping Carts

February 9, 2019 by Darren Clarke

Driving my Mom home after breakfast the other day it occurred to me that my disdain for winter was causing me to miss out on some opportunities for pictures. This occurred to me quite specifically as we passed a home with a tree out front that had Christmas ornaments hanging on it.


So, thank you to whichever brilliant soul decided to remind me that the world is at all times making the unexpected and beautiful available to me should I choose to tune in.


Ice storms are fleeting things and going into noon on Thursday I could see the layer of ice that covered the world starting to lose its’ hold. So I stopped wherever was closest on my home from St. Catharines to Thorold and grabbed a few pictures- Centennial Gardens off Oakdale Ave in St. Catharines and just off Hartzel road by the old train bridge.


Fate once again chose to deliver me a shopping cart to photograph. Don’t know what it is about shopping carts but they always kind of strike me as somewhat profound juxtaposed to the outside, non-Supermarket, world.


I stumbled across a few bird nests in the bushes by the little stream in Centennial Gardens… and I can tell you this about ice storms- it’s a bad time to be a willow tree.