Podcast: “Which Brings Us To…” 1999 Part I

August 1, 2019, by Darren Clarke


In this edition of the podcast I tackle a turn of the century that finds humanity struggling to overcome the sudden onset of Nickelback and Limp Bizkit, fears of technological meltdowns, the relevance of morality in entertainment and questioning if there was indeed anything else beyond, “entertainment.”

Through the doubts and insecurities I find some much needed ballast: Mr. Potatohead surfing the pop culture zeitgeist with a stunning (albeit prone to falling apart) ease, Prince and balloons, Neo, THE ONE, bravely choosing the red pill and a world full of cool, latex, fashion, and mostly I find a ton of amazing music.


As always, in case you want to deke around my golden voice rambling between songs, here’s the music only version.