Podcast: “Which Brings Us To…” the 70s Part III

by Darren Clarke, October 18, 2020

“… Buffalo was also Irv Weinstein on the 6 o’clock news mostly telling us that something, somewhere, in Buffalo was on fire. Why was Buffalo always on fire in the 70s? No idea.”

Yes, I don’t always get to the bottom of things like- arson in Buffalo in the 70s or why someone suggested to Telly Savalas that he should sing but sometimes it’s important just to remember. In Part Three of the, “Which Brings Us To… the 70s,” I continue to explore more of the music, people, places and events of the decade including thoughts on- Howard Cosell’s bedroom voice, Ron Howard’s running technique, the benefits of having a great Mom (as evidenced by Fela Kuti and Stevie Wonder), the odd connection between Bob Hope, Henry Kissinger and the Harlem Globe Trotters, the positive impact of ventriloquist waitresses and mail delivery on song writing and, finally, the love life of Ralph Malph.

As Bill Withers would say, “Take it all in and check it all out.”