Podcast: “Which Brings Us To…” The 70s, Part Four

by Darren Clarke, November 1, 2020

Featuring music from the likes of Suicide, Joy Division, Ultravox, The Penguin Cafe Orchestra, The Clash, Faust, Black Sabbath, Karen Dalton, Isotope, Rufus, The Kinks, Jona Lewie, The Who, Pharaoh Sanders and Cheap Trick, Part Four of, “Which Brings Us To…” the 70s podcast travels the world to bring you more great music from the decade.

To accompany the musical exploration I muse on any number of topics ranging from- American foreign policy in South and Central America during the decade and how if informs the here and now, the connection between Cyrano DeBergerac and William Shatner, Super Slider Snow Skates, the challenges in trying to reconcile individual moments to the greater whole, why Gas Bar attendants are never great in a court room setting, German electro-synth band Faust and the legend that inspired the name, Spacelab and the odd connection between the Nazi’s, NASA and Walt Disney.