Things To Do When You Can’t Do Many Things: #1, Instagram Day Dreams

by Darren Clarke, February 24, 2020

Yep, the last year on many levels has been a drag. I did however want to share a few of the things that have helped me find some joy or at least provide a sweet distraction during this pandemic, starting with #1, my Instagram feed.

About two years ago I decided to stop following any sports or politics related Instagram accounts and simply concentrate on accounts related to beautiful things- drawings, paintings, architecture, landscapes, people and of course, old hotel signs. It was one of my better social media decisions. Now, given its’ ownership there can be no doubt that Instagram is still a troubling entity. But for a moment I just want to focus on the fact that, what is inarguable, is that there is a lot of wonderful people out there, with wildly complimentary perspectives, capturing the beauty that is happening in our world every day and they want to share it.

So, here’s to all those out there seeking beauty and discovering, it’s impossible not to find. Here’s to those who share the beautiful things they discover.

Below you will find kind of a Greatest Hits of my Instagram feed from the past 24-36 hours (along with one of my pics from a recent walk by the Falls) to give you an idea of what a sports and politics-less visual world looks and feels like.