“On the latest instalment of, “Which Brings Us To…” we travel back to 1987 to talk coconut cream pie, a German teenager navigating his way past Russian air defences to land his Cessna in Red Square, Pat Lafontaine and the Easter Epic, the debut of Full House and The Simpsons and the last vestiges of greatness of Minnesota’s Prince and The Replacements.”

“For Dury, truths can be sometimes dark, sometimes tragic, sometimes humiliating but that’s no reason for everybody to be glum about it. Dury’s tra la la allegiance is clearly to the interplay of darkness and light, his music and lyrics consistently, playfully, deviating from each other in much the same way somebody long ago came up with the idea of whistling while passing a graveyard, of too wide smiles beneath eyes filled with sad resignation, of lilies on coffins.”