Left Field Lark Radio Podcast: Which Brings Us To… 1981, Part I (Mark Lane Style)

July 28, 2021, by Darren Clarke

Here’s the thing about Left Field Lark Radio– No audience is too small for me to cater to (in fact rarely do I think about an audience at all). Thus, this edition of Left Field Lark Radio, Which Brings Us To… 1981, is dedicated to one man- Mark Lane.

In the late 80’s Mark and I worked together at Sears Gas Bar at the Pen Centre Mall in St. Catharines. We listened to likes of The Replacements and the Violent Femmes on the gas bar ghetto blaster, smoked cigarettes, played catch (using up all our luck in life not breaking any windows), fought over who would serve the beautiful blonde woman who drove the white Mustang, talked shit and alternately provided both excellent customer service (Mark) and lazy, passive aggressive, customer service (me). And we were great friends.

So, this first instalment of weaving through the the time, the events, the music of 1981 leans in a certain Mark Lane direction. Along the way I explore topics ranging from an Elvis documentary, What Would Burt Reynolds Do? philosophy, blue ribbons, Guinness Book of World Records, and potential reasons a teenager bought a black and white TV in 1981. Musically we tap into the most rambunctious, overly excited, messy and marvellous offerings from the year all in an effort to make one person happy.

Musical artists featured include- The Replacements, 999, New Order, The Cure, The Gordons, Gang of Four, Au Pairs, B-52’s, The Clean, The Raincoats, The Specials, Sparks, REM, 39 Clocks, The Ramones, Mission of Burma, Generation X, Billy Idol.