Left Field Lark Radio: Which Brings Us To… 1982, Part II

by Darren Clarke, August 22, 2021

Part Two of the look at the music, the people, the events, of 1982 considers important questions from the year like- Was the Le Credit Card Club made more, or less, enticing by the use of the French word for, “the,” at the start of their name? And, are their operators still, “Standing by?” Is altering the world fascinating to funkscinating appropriate even if it’s in the context of reviewing a George Clinton album? What was the War on Drugs really a war on? Who wore the sequin dress better- Charlene Tilton or Dustin Hoffman? What was Laser Floyd and why were lasers such a big deal in 1983?

Musically we tap into some of 1983’s finest releases including albums from- Split Enz, Teenage Head, Sonic Youth, Kim Wilde, Roxy Music, Michael Rother, Green on Red, Mission of Burma and the Clash.