Left Field Lark Radio: Which Brings Us To… 1984, Part II

by Darren Clarke, September 11, 2021

1984 brought us the existential question, “Where’s the Beef?” It brought us giant, dancing, raisins. It brought us one bottle of Coca-Cola throwing an entire community into disorder in The Gods Must Be Crazy and it brought us a ton of great music.

In part two of our look at the music, the events, the people in 1984 we explore the merits of the banana in the tailpipe trick, the challenges of being a beat boxer in 1984, Mozart vs Salieri, Michael Caine and the 80s tendency to write solely in the voice of middle aged men in the throes of mid-life crisis, and how to end an 80s rock career in one music video.

Music featured in this podcast includes-  Run DMC, The Go-Betweens, Ry Cooder, Prince and the Revolution, Orange Juice, Felt, The Stranglers, and as always friends, much, much, more.

Just press play.