Left Field Lark Radio: Which Brings Us To… 1985, Part I

by Darren Clarke, September 23, 2021

Richard Vernon [From his office]  Jesus Christ Almighty! What in God’ s name is going on in here? What was that ruckus?

Andrew Clark Uh, what ruckus?

Richard Vernon I was just in my office and I heard a ruckus.

Brian Johnson Could you describe the ruckus, sir?

Dialogue from the movie, The Breakfast Club

We’re in 1985. The age of the ruckus.

Time to talk- The Breakfast Club, Weird Science, Kelly LeBrock, Mister T, Wrestlemania I at Madison Square Garden, the advent of the Internet and the cellphone and the continuation of American funded genocide in Guatemala. Other topics include- The Replacements managing to get themselves banned from life from Saturday Night Live and tips on mixing Coca-Cola with Root Beer Schnapps.

Music includes- The Waterboys, The Replacements, The Cure, The Fall, Big Audio Dynamite, Prince and the Revolution, Boys Don’t Cry, Kate Bush, ‘Til Tuesday and much, much, more.

“Don’t mess with the Bull young man, or you’ll get the horns.”

Just press play.