Podcast: Which Brings Us To… 1987, Part I

by Darren Clarke, March 19, 2022

1987. It was the Golden Age of Fluffy Orange Rolls and the Neiman-Marcus Crab Bisque. The word, “condom,” was used for the very first time in prime time television. Justine and Jason Bateman were early in their varying arcs of Hollywood careers. Michael J Fox and Kirk Cameron were killing it on covers of Teen Beat. And the music was sensational.

On the latest instalment of, “Which Brings Us To…” we travel back to 1987 to talk coconut cream pie, a German teenager navigating his way past Russian air defences to land his Cessna in Red Square, Pat Lafontaine and the Easter Epic, the debut of Full House and The Simpsons, and the last vestiges of greatness from Minnesota’s Kings of the mid-80s music scene-> Prince and The Replacements.

Other artists appearing include- Depeche Mode, Sinead O’Connor, The Cure, Nick Drake, Suzanne Vega, Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Eric B and Rakim, The Wedding Present and U2.

Just press play.