The 1985 Blue Jays team that faced Kansas City in the ALCS featured so much to revel in- a quirky, quasi-baseball stadium on the shores of Lake Ontario, a fan base with self-esteem issues (and a propensity for melting/falling down in the face of adversity), Toronto’s finest sports management team, a gifted, often petulant, ace, a completely original, otherworldly, young shortstop from San Pedro De Macoris, a lanky, small town, closer out of Missouri known as The Terminator and an outfield for the ages.

“Getting the ball right and making thoughtful changes to add space back to outfields throughout the league not only gives the home run back its’ legitimacy it increases the value of other compelling parts of your game- the triple, the double, base running, base stealing. The stuff that thrills a crowd. If you truly want the game to include diverse personalities and skill sets then give more than one skill set a fighting chance. The three true outcomes world you’ve created is beyond boring. “