11 Pictures in 7 Days:DON’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO MOM

May 7, 2018 by Darren Clarke

“Don’t Tell Me What to Do Mom.” Now that’s graffiti. All caps no exclamation point. There’s some angst there but it’s willing to be civilized if Mom is. At any rate, I dropped my car off last week to get an oil change and the winter tires switched out and decided to wander around my home town with my camera.

I elected to walk down to the current, functional, canal and around the old canal (“The Cuts” as my Dad always called it). I’ve done this route a whack of times over the years but it’s cool how old things suddenly catch my eye or new things jump out at me; new graffiti, apples lying in the grass, or a vantage point, like the sidewalk in the middle of nowhere parallel the railway tracks.

Tragic thing is that somebody actually decorated one of the trees along the canal path as a Christmas tree but I couldn’t quite capture its’ elegance with the shots I took. Out of respect to the beauty of the tree I elected not to share any shot that did not do its’ greatness justice.

In other news I grabbed a library card at the Thorold Library. So after twenty years or so I’m back baby, I’m back.